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Owner: Holly Torrez

About Holly

Holly got into health and wellness at a young age. She started playing multiple sports in school and other activities. With those sports in school she received injuries. Going through physical therapy she received her first massage session. It was then she believed that that was what helped her get back into her activities faster along with rehabilitation and functional training taught by her physical therapist.

It is no surprise that after high school she went into massage therapy school and then onto UMKC and Washburn for athletic training. Specializing in Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology.

Her massage career started in 2009 where she worked under various sports and rehabilitation fields. Hospitals, woman's health facilities, sports rehab centers, chiropractic facilities, physical therapy centers and salons. In the midst of her massage career she started personal training applying tips from the best and school. In 2015 she received her NASAM personal training certificate.

She is a single mom to a daughter though did not make that her only name tag. While being a mom, and working in her field of study, she also stepped out and competed once again.

Holly has her own weight loss journey of loosing almost 100 pounds. From there she competed in the sports of boxing, MMA, figure body building and powerlifting.

Holly's goal for all who enter her facility is to be able to better their life through health and wellness the same as it did for her. She wants to be able to change not only their bodies but also their minds. Each person is resilient, having the ability to bounce back after applied pressure. Embrace the process, and train for a better tomorrow.